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Could My Child Have a Visual Processing Disorder?

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We all know that good eyesight is essential to learning. But did you know there’s more to good vision than 20/20? In addition to refractive errors and general eye health, some optometrists diagnose and treat conditions called visual processing disorders.

Visual processing disorders are problems with how a child’s brain processes visual information from their surroundings. Although many children with visual processing disorders have good acuity (20/20), their mind may have difficulty organizing and making sense of what they see.

A child with visual processing problems may:

  • Dislike school and resist reading.
  • May seem uncoordinated or clumsy.
  • Have trouble seeing the difference between similar letters, words, or shapes. and may confuse letters such as “u” and “n” or “p,” “q.”
  • Skip words or lines when reading.
  • Handwriting is difficult and often sloppy.
  • Have poor memory.
  • A child may have difficulty remembering sight words, math facts, or something they just read on the previous page of a book.
  • Have trouble understanding maps and comprehending space and distance.

At Summerville Pediatric Eyecare, our doctors and vision therapists can diagnose and treat a variety of visual processing disorders, using both at home and in-office vision therapy. To make an appointment, call us at (843) 419-8600 or schedule online now.


Written by Keilli McCartney

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